August 03, 2004

Out Of Order

The ramp on my van has been acting up over the past week, intermittently refusing to fold up after I get out. My nurse and I tried doing a little self-repair on it this morning, but to no avail. Which means I have to take it down to a repair place in Savage (about twenty miles south of Minneapolis). All this specialized equipment is great for my independence, but when something breaks down, it can be a royal pain to fix. It's not like I can take the van to the local repair shop. Same thing with a wheelchair. Fortunately, such breakdowns don't happen. Let's just hope that I don't get stranded somewhere between now and Friday.

I'm curious to read Joe Trippi's new book about the Dean campaign. Part of me still wishes Dean had done better during the primaries, even though it probably would have spelled doom in November. I like Kerry and I think he will make a wonderful president, but Dean, with his rebel yell, was just so much fun to watch. He had a sort of swaggering demeanor that none of the other candidates could imitate, although I think Kerry to a page from Dean's playbook during his acceptance speech. Anyway, first I have to finish the other political books my parents sent me.

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