November 20, 2003


Dan Savage writes a sex and advice column that appears in dozens of weekly newspapers across the country. I've corresponded with Dan a few times and he is a genuinely funny and articulate writer. Dan also has little patience for intolerance and homophobia. After Senator Rick Santorum made some particularly bone-headed remarks in advance of the landmark Lawrence v. Texas Supreme Court decision, Dan decided to coin a new word: santorum. Using good old-fashioned democratic methods, Dan let his readers select an appropriate meaning for "santorum" that would do justice to the man and his views. So what is santorum? I suggest you read Dan's explanation, but only if you are not the queasy type. Dan wants this alternate meaning to be on the top of a Google search result list when someone types in "santorum." So I'm doing my part by mentioning it here in my blog. I ask other bloggers to do the same.

I have a DVD copy of Throne of Blood sitting on my television that I rented from Netflix. It's been here for a month. I really need to watch it. It's starting to piss me off, just sitting there. It mocks me: "Ohhh, look at the guy who says he's a film buff! Hey, poseur, you gonna watch me or not? Or are you just gonna keep me sitting around so that on the remote chance a woman ever visits your place, you can impress her by casually pointing me out and saying how you just love Kurosawa? Please!"

Oh, how it mocks me!

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